1. able to be easily moved, especially because being of a lighter and smaller version than usual

The new Talon is a portable, gas-catalytic, medium-wave infrared curing unit that incorporates the same unique emitters as larger, in-booth US Autocure systems.

These gas-catalytic, medium-wave IR emitters are the most efficient on the market, allowing you to reach curing temperatures faster and hotter than other systems. This impacts the time it takes to cure, but also benefits overall finish quality.

portable curing
The Talon utilizes patented infrared emitters that have the ability to articulate. Emitter articulation allows for a far greater degree of flexibility than other IR systems.
The Talon is controlled through a
very simple user interface.
The Talon utilizes 2 standard propane tanks that should yield approximately 50 hours of curing.
The Talon is designed for a standard 15-minute cure time. This can be shortened or lengthened by altering the unit’s distance from the substrate and time of exposure.

The emitters move up and down and can be
tilted approx. 90°degrees forward and back to cure both the side as well as the top of hoods, trunk decks, etc.

Perfect for Spot Repairs
Incredible Value