How Do We Get Started?

Gas-catalytic, medium-wave infrared curing is adaptable to a broad range of applications.

To determine how US Autocure systems can help you, we start with 3 simple steps:


First, our chemist will review a list of the coatings products and other technologies used in your application. He’ll be able to tell us what to expect in terms of your particular coatings and their response to infrared energy.


Every opportunity is unique. We’ll work with you to determine the areas of savings and gains that apply to you, and we’ll help you estimate the financial impact of incorporating a US Autocure system into your specific application.


Once we’ve determined that your coatings will respond favorably to infrared energy and the initial financial analysis is positive, our engineer will outline a system designed to meet your needs. We will compare this to the financial analysis to help you make the best decision for your profitability.

There are no costs associated with these steps and we will not share this information with anyone but you. These activities can be completed quickly, but we won’t rush you.

We believe in our technology.
We want you to be comfortable that it’s right for you.